7 Things you should DEFINITELY take to Lisbon!

Are you planning to come to Lisbon? Here you can find some tips on what to take with you. Do not forget to pack those things up! Read our 7 Things you should DEFINITELY take to Lisbon!

Did you want to walk around those stunning hills in your fancy shoes? We suggest it is better to go more comfortable than pretty! Why? First of all, Lisbon is a city built on 7 hills.. so you will be climbing a lot. Secondly the beautiful pavements that Portugal is known from called “cal?ada portuguesa” are very nice looking but they are also very slippery so better leave your high heels at home.

# SUNSCREEN (high filter!)
Lisbon is a very sunny city and the sun here is much stronger than it feels (because it is also very windy here). Do not turn red at the first day of your trip and have in your mind that it can also happen during the winter here!

There are some places where you can pay by card like bigger restaurants in the city center or supermarkets but in many cases they only accept portuguese cards or cash. Be prepared, take some cash with you so you will save some money on cash withdrawals.

Like mentioned before, Lisbon is very sunny and windy, so during the day when the sun is up it can be very warm but when the wind is blowing harder and the sun is setting you will appreciate something extra to warm you up.

Yes! You are going to Portugal – the European capital of wine! Of course you can go to the bar and order a glass of wine but the real portuguese experience is to go to the viewpoint with the bottle of wine, enjoy the sunset view and street musicians around you.

Maybe Lisbon itself does not have any beaches where you could swim but it only takes 20-30 minutes by train to get to the nice beach and enjoy the ocean!

Maybe it is not the first thing you would think about but you should always have an extra travel insurance. Accidents can happen to everyone, save yourself from spending a lot of money to get a medical help.

Now you are ready to come to this beautiful city

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