Anjos Lisbon

The Anjos Lisbon area has been a long forgotten area and has had a bad reputation for a long time. Despite its prime location it has been known for bad people hanging around and a lot of drugs but in 2012 this all started to change when the mayor moved his office to the Largo do Intendente close to Anjos to try giving life back to this forgotten area by for example adding new commercial spaces, some that are open day and night.

With this area having such large both Human and cultural diversity in the neighborhood many activities, even on a small scale, clearly show the potential of Cultural projects that is arriving in the area, one being the renovation of the old abandoned Hospital do Desterro that is currently going on to turn a long forgotten building into a space for culture and innovation, similar to the famous LX Factory site, the actual opening date has not yet been confirmed but the last update was for it to open September this year and as that has already passed we are all hoping to see that this new inspiring place soon will open it’s doors for us to explore further!

Anjos Lisbon neighborhood provides both an urban and an architectural quality, a treasure of Art Deco and Modernist, and with new cafe’s, restaurants, shops and bars opening in the area this, once bad neighborhood is believed to become a new it place in the city and all this is easily reached by several public transport or just a short stroll from the more well known areas.

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