It’s Lisbon Carnival Time!

Lisbon will awaken from the depth of winter in February for the annual Carnival festivities. It’s Lisbon Carnival Time!

Rio might be the most famous carnival but did you know that it would not exist if it were not for Lisbon. Lisbonites were celebrating Carnival hundreds and hundreds of years ago and Brasil actually took the idea from Lisbon. It’s Lisbon Carnival Time!

Carnival in Lisbon is celebrated with the same enthusiasm as Brazil, the streets are rammed with revellers taking in the float parades and free parties, the whole country is full of vitality and spirit.

Parties take place over the whole of the month, but the main days for 2016 are between 5th and 10th February. It’s Lisbon Carnival Time! Head to Torres Vedras, just outside Lisbon, for what is considered the best parade and parties in the country. It really is arty central, with street parties and clubs open until late. Join the Portuguese and dress up, we know you guys love a dress.

carnival in Lisbon

There is even a tradition during Carnival for lads to dress as ladies. If your stag do like to experience a little bit of cross dressing head to Lisbon for your stag weekend during February and you will fit right in.

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