Lisbon Nightlife

Lisbon Nightlife

Lisbon is full of contrasts, between buzzing and chilled.

During the day the streets in Bairro Alto are chilled and laid back, almost empty. But come 9pm at night the vibe changes and the unique Lisbon nightlife takes over.

The nightlife is becoming one of the most innovative and cutting edge scenes in Europe. Looking for Lisbon rooftop bars or looking to dance until midday the next day it is all possible in Lisbon.

Revelers be warned the night starts late and ends early. Do not expect the buzz to be in full swing until 1pm. The Portuguese eat around 9pm, hit the bars at 11pm and then the nightclubs at 2am. Lisbon is not for early birds only night owls.

The bars in Bairro Alto are open until 2am. At that point, a mass exodus of night time lovers spill down towards the river and on to the Pink Street. Here there is a mix of bars and clubs open until 4am. Nightlife does not end at 4am. The large nightclubs are open until 7am or 8am and the after parties until the following afternoon.

Ladies BE AWARE Lisbon is built on seven hills with cobbled streets, IT IS NOT BUILT FOR HIGH HEELS. Our advise is to wear flats you are planning to walk around. Alternatively should you just love heels you can uber it and stay loyal to your style. Ubers are very cheap so it will not cause a huge dent in your wallet.

Guys the dress code varies from bars to nightclubs. Lisbon has cracked down on stag groups in fancy dress and it is only really allowed in Bairro Alto. It’s not even worth trying the nightclubs just go home and change to smart casual dress.

If you want to get past the doorman, our advise is to arrive to the nightclub early at 1am. For large groups split into smaller groups, pretend you do not know each other. If you are unlucky and the doorman take a dislike to you. The story will be either it is a private party or the door charge is 200 euros.

Do not take it personally it happens to most people. Doormen in Lisbon can be very rude so it better to just accept it and move on. If you want to guarantee entry, book Lisbon VIP nightclub entry with us.

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