Archery Tag Lisbon


Price Per Person
Minimum Group Of 10


Archery Tag is the latest “it” sport to hit Lisbon. Want to be Robin hood? Now’s your chance, the whistle blows, runs into battle and fight, fight, fight.

Armed with a face-mask, re-curve bow and quiver of foam-tipped arrows flight until death!!! …well OK not death I am getting carried away until you are the last archer standing.


  • Bow and arrow
  • Pitch rental
  • Referee
  • Changing rooms with showers and lockers

Location: Cascais – Transfer is required


  1. Is Archery Tag safe? Yes – The equipment has been specifically designed for the game. The arrows have a round rubber tip, which will absorb the impact when a player is hit. The arrows are made from high impact unbreakable plastic and high performance foam. The bows are made for state of the art polyurethane and are virtually unbreakable.
  2. Does it hurt? No – The arrows are designed to absorb the impact – YES – you will feel the impact but unlike paintball you should not have bruises
  3. What should I wear? Sports wear and trainers
  4. I have never tried Archery will this be a problem? No – At the start of every session a full and comprehensive safety/induction talk is given to all players. This is followed by specific instruction on how to use a bow and a session on the inflatable target range. When all players are happy with the equipment and safety aspects the game play will commence.


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