Rua De Sao Paulo is an important and busy street in Lisbon. Liked by locals and tourists is a a nightclub hot spot. Below are the most famous bars and clubs on the street.

Number 2 – Cata q Farras

Cata Que Faras is the smallest bar in Lisbon, located in a historical street. It’s like a secret place full of history, well situated in Cais do Sodre.

Number 2 – Cais do Pirata

Cais do Pirata is a latin themed bar, fun but a little rough around the edges.

Number 10 Rua De Sao Paulo Lisbon– Copenhagen Bar Lisboa

Copenhagen is a hip hop and urban themed bar. It is in the same typical format of all the other bars/clubs on the Pink Street. Small, busy and a little rough around the edges.

Number 16 – Sabotage

Sabotage Rock Club appears as a room dedicated to Rock n ‘Roll, from the underground to the most alternative everything takes place, in a space that is supposed to be a meeting point for musicians and bands. A room equipped for concerts with excellent PA and lights, which is intended to be the stage of worship events.

Number 18 – Casa de Pasto

Since 2013 the Casa de Pasto delights the visitors. Located on the first floor of Rua de S?o Paulo, Cais do Sodr?, who enters knows that, sooner or later, will return. Since its foundation, the space has become the Mecca of Lisboeta for traditionally Portuguese food. You can have the principles of the old guard at the base, but it is with blood in the gill that every day receives the diners who visit this space next to the Tagus River.

Number 24 – Za’atar

Taste the exotic in Cais Do Sodre. Za’atar is aLebanese themed resaurant, owned byJOS? AVILLEZ Considered one of the great references of gastronomy in Portugal, Jos? Avillez who “is renowned for his passion for cuisine and for his driven and entrepreneurial spirit. Jos? Avillez has several restaurants in Lisbon and Porto, including Belcanto, distinguished with two Michelin stars. “

Number 49 – Cantina Peruana

Cantina Peruana is a peruvian themed resaurant, again owned by Jos? Avillez. According to Peruvian tradition cantinas are meeting points for to have lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks. A great location if you are looking for an alternative to Portuguese food.

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