Rua Do Alecrim Lisbon connects Bairro Alto and Cais Do Sodre, at 2am on weekends you will see the pilgrimage of revelers not ready to end the night.

Number 19 – Pens?o do Amor

Pens?o do Amor has become a Lisbon institution. The bar is always full and it is a tourist hot spot, great for Lisbon Hen Do‘s. The bar has an boudoir and opulent theme, it has amazing cocktails live music and a disco until the early hours. 

Number 21 – O Bom O Mau e o Vil?o

The good the bad and the ugly is a sophisticated lounge bar, where you are able to chill in the afternoon enjoying their comprehensive cocktail list and then continue your evening dancing the retro DJ. “It was the Clint Eastwood movie – “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” – that gave it its name, but it’s not just the movies that live in this bar. Located on Rua da Alecrim, the characteristic decoration, the good ambiance, the amazing programming and the excellent cocktail list make OO Bom O Mau and O Vil?o a multifaceted space that is well worth a visit … and come back!”

Number 22 – Mano a Mano Lisboa

Mano a Mano is an italian restaurant serving pizzas, pastas etc.

Number 23 – Amaz?nia

Is a brazilian themed steakhouse.

Number 24 – Studio Carte D?or Lisboa

Studio Carte D?or is a concept store where you can choose your own desserts. The idea is the create a dessert that is create an experience that is more complete and sophisticated.

Number 35 Rua Do Alecrim Lisbon – Peixola Lisboa

A space that celebrates the historic maritime tradition of Cais do Sodr?. Contemporary and all of it invoking the sea, Peixola is a restaurant that serves only fish, whether reinterpreting national classics such as the Tito Bitoque, or touring the world with the famous Shrimp Tacos or Salmon Tartar.   

Number 47 – Garrafeira Imperial Lisboa

“Based on the passion for wine, we intend to offer excellent service to our customers, share our experiences and deepen the wine culture.
We believe that wine creates ties and enriches moments and therefore we create a space where you can gather friends, share experiences, multiply memories, perpetuate secrets and solidify friendships.
We do not just want to sell wines, but rather create a close relationship between them and the producer, make wines with character and identity known and share their stories, and each bottle is a story.”

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