Nowadays the Pink Street Lisbon is a vibrant, trendy and busy hub for revelers in Lisbon but back in the day Rua Nova Do Carvalho was not a wholesome location.

It was a meeting location for horny sailors, local criminals and prostitutes and turned the area into the red light district. The street is no longer as dangerous but it is still as colourful with a bright pink painted street. Since 2011 the area received a facelift with the brothels being forced out of the area and trendy bars replacing them.

Today you will undoubtedly end your Lisbon Stag Do  night with a fuzzy head on the Pink Street.

Number 6 – Jamaica – Bar / Club

Jamaica has been open for a whopping 46 years and despite a recent threat of closure due to gentrification, it is still going strong. The club is tiny, sweaty, awesome and a mix of music.

Number 7 – Viking

Well what can we say about Viking, apart from its perfect for a Lisbon stag party?? It is a mix of a late night dancing bar and strip club. The DJ plays a mixture of musical styles and at points during the night the female stripper Fabianna performs a full nude strip, she also pulls a lucky lucky boy from the crowd to abuse! (OK only a little bit and he tends to like it)

Number 9 – Malt – All About Beer

MALT is a group of many people who have passed here, behind the counter and we will never forget, the gifts that make MALT what it is today, but fundamentally to our friends, those who make rain or sun, heat or cold, are as resident as our Dj’s and help us to believe that it is possible to do a project where people feel at home, feel free to bring a friend. We only came a year ago and already visit us, come and hug us, have a drink, listen to good music.

Number 12 – Tokyo – Bar / Club

The space that everyone knows today as Tokyo was founded in 1968, Tokyo quickly became a space where live music concerts were frequent and where great Portuguese rock music was and still is played.

Number 15 – Pesqueiro 25 – Seafood Restaurant

Is a sea food lovers paradise with fresh food daily, with daily dishes such as lobster soup with roe, and seafood or lobster rice.

Number 17 – Oslo – Bar / Club Oslo

Late night dancing bar plays pop music and 80s classics. The club is dated and has seen better days but the drinks are cheap and the music loud.

Number 18 – Europa – Bar / Club

Europa is one of the oldest clubs of Lisbon and is a dance music hot spot in Lisbon, you will find the latest Techno / Techno, Tech House / Tech house, House, Drum n Bass, Trance and Joyful music. With national DJs from all over Portugal it is closes at 4am only to reopen for an after hours party at 6am until 10am, only for the party people.

More bars to come …

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