So here you are on your birthday or stag and hen weekend in Lisbon, and you are looking and thinking about some activities to do?  Head to the Pink Street.

Cais Sodre used to be popular with sailors, thieves, prostitutes and dodgy people looking for problems. It used to be famous for cheap drinks, street girls, dirty streets and fist fights. But as everything can change, so did Cais Sodre. 

Nowadays, Cais Sodre is buzzing people, locals and tourists visiting , eating, drinking, socialising and having a blast. One of the most crowded and fun areas is definitely Rua Nova do Carvalho that got an official makeover some years ago: it was painted bright pink and is now known as the Pink Street. 

The Pink Street is one of the most important nightlife districts in Lisbon. The street is concentrated with bars, clubs, and restaurants and it is definitely a to go place in between activities and spare nights while visiting Lisbon on your stag and hen weekend or your birthday celebration. 

See our selection of bars, restaurants and clubs that surely you will enjoy. 

Sol e pesca – it used to be a shop of fishing equipment and now it turned into a unique place specialising on Portuguese canned fish products, served in a more gourmet way.

Music Box – important club for underground music in Lisbon, known as rough and intense venues that hosts loud and sweaty parties. 

Pensao Amor – It used to be a rundown boarding house and now is a place that celebrates love. A place that lives and breathes love. There are several spaces you can visit here and hangout: bars, the erotic bookstore, and why not have a look in your future with the tarot reader. 

Europa – Lisbon is recognised as a city with a unique club environment. A city that does not sleep. And Europa can help you to stay awake on almost every night of the week. It has already hosted hundreds of national and international artists that satisfy the heterogeneous crowds of Lisbon.

Menina e Moca – is a place where you can enjoy your drinks and read a book. It is a bar-store that pays a tribute to the Portuguese speaking writers. 

Espumanteria do Cais – In Espumanteria things are simple: open a bottle, share a snack, taste a cocktail of sparkling wine and enjoy our company with a good music 

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